MM Philanthropic Consultants is a professional consulting practice that serves and is tailored to the philanthropic interests of individual British donors and charitable foundations.

We provide you with a full and flexible range of services in Israel:

Assessment of your historical philanthropic interests in Israel
Assuring your involvement in your project / programme at the level that suits your interests
Locating, investigating and objectively recommending appropriate and approved Israeli beneficiaries that match your financial ability, criteria and agenda
Screening incoming funding requests from Israeli charities and presenting you with those that match your criteria and interests that are in line with your standards and funding guidelines.
Specialized theme missions to Israel


Constant Accessibility

Exclusive on-site management and supervision of all your projects in Israel whether programmatic or building
Regularly monitoring, reporting and photographing digital evidence on phase-by-phase project development
The information you seek when you request it in a clear and precise manner




Knowledge that your charitable donations are being appropriately utilized for their designated purpose

Fiscal Responsibility


Reports on payment schedules and benchmarks by providing you with fiscal accountability whilst closely monitoring your donation to the funded programme/project


Supplementary Services


Negotiating and ensuring appropriate donor recognition of your contribution, such as plaques, VIP visits, awards and dedication ceremonies
Organizing and orchestrating the dedication ceremonies on your behalf


Additional Services


MM Philanthropic Consultants recognize that you have additional interests in Israel and may need guidance and references in areas other than your charitable mission.


MM Philanthropic Consultants work with a consortium of top Israeli professionals in various fields ensuring that you will benefit from the highest quality services in the areas of:


Tourism and accommodation, including VIP services at Ben Gurion International Airport, transportation, deluxe hotels and spa centers
Family celebrations - a comprehensive range of quality events management for weddings, bar/bat mitzvah and all family celebrations in Israel
Professional services - lawyers, accountants and travel consultants


For more information and enquiries, please contact:


Michael Mohnblatt & Associates


P.O.B. 686, Tel Mond 40600, Israel


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